Preview FASHN ROOMS & Neonyt Düsseldorf

[ December 19, 2023 ]

FASHN ROOMS & Neonyt Düsseldorf

What belongs together grows together – the mix is what makes the events special!

As we are approaching the turn of the year, we would like to give you a quick update.

In January, FASHN ROOMS and the sustainable Neonyt Düsseldorf will move even closer together than before. “For the first time, we are showing both events together in the ›Alte Schmiedehallen‹, says Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director Igedo Exhibitions. “We are thus focussing on the synergies of both formats without them losing their independence.”

FASHN ROOMS stands for concentrated fashion expertise in fashion, accessories & shoes. Neonyt Düsseldorf presents an exciting mix of sustainably curated international green fashion labels.

The Showroom Concept, which begins one day before the official start of the trade fair, is a permanent fixture at the Areal Böhler. This is where agencies and premium brands present their collections and provide decisive impetus for the new autumn/winter 2024/25 order season.

Both FASHN ROOMS and the Showroom Concept as well as Neonyt Düsseldorf are well booked and are welcoming many returning and numerous new exhibitors.

All exhibitors and brands of FASHN ROOMS and the Showroom Concept can be found in our FASHN ROOMS B R A N D B O X

The already curated and approved brands of Neonyt Düsseldorf can be discovered in the Neonyt B R A N D B O X


THE STAGE & Knowledge Area

THE STAGE, the centrally positioned podium, forms the bridge between the two events. It offers the perfect complement to the order business. Awards, panel talks and lectures on both sustainable and conventional fashion topics are presented here.

For the second time, the prestigious Green Product Award Fashion for sustainable fashion products will be presented at Neonyt Düsseldorf together with the Green Future Club on THE STAGE, as well as the VDMD’s Design Award for Sustainable Fashion.

All players in the fashion industry are aware that the industry needs to change to become fit for the future. What responsibility lies with the brands or retailers, and what responsibility lies with the customers? These questions will be addressed and openly discussed by Prof. Dr. Maike Rabe from the Research Institute for Textiles and Clothing at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in her lecture.

The complete THE STAGE programme with all awards, panel talks and lectures will follow in January.

The Knowledge Area is the showcase for innovations and a centre for knowledge transfer. Here, interested parties can find out about the circular economy, ecological footprints, social responsibility, and digitalisation. Among other things, the RefresherBoxx team will be presenting a revolutionary method that removes viruses, bacteria, fungi, and odours from textiles.

FASHN ROOMS & Neonyt Düsseldorf

Meeting place. Exchange. Inspiration

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