Partners & Sponsors of Neonyt in Düsseldorf

Bahkauv Brew

According to legend, the beast Bahkauv crawled out of the sewers of Aachen to lie in wait for drunks deep in the night and attack them. Afterwards it disappeared again into the darkness. Did this creature really exist? Was it perhaps just a predatory gatekeeper behind the attacks? In any case, it served as an excuse for anyone who had once again left their entire day's wages at one of Aachen's many bars and turned up at home broke at a late hour. And who wouldn't still want to ascribe one or two all-nighters to a legend? Reason enough for us to keep this story alive and give our beer this name, so that in future everyone at home can once again say: "Darling, dat Bahkauv was to blame!"Sustainability


It was not just due to the industrial charm of Areal Böhler, whose legal owner is voestalpine Edelstahl Deutschland GmbH, that it was selected by the Igedo in 2015 as the homebase of its trade shows. Rather, it is also the great staff at Areal Böhler who make such intense and successful cooperation possible in the first place. After all, an impressive four of our trade shows are held at Areal Böhler per year.


The perfect light and the right sound is delivered by our partner BEVT for each of our events. All halls are fully equipped with event technology. Several thousand lamps, dozens of traverses and countless kilometers of cable are used. BEVT ensures that everything works perfectly both during construction and during the event - from power generation over trusses required for the stand up to the technology for the catwalk - the right appearance is always guaranteed.


What’s hypoallergenic, breathable and antibacterial? Beeswax offers all of this and more. It hydrates while it protects, leaving your lips richly moisturized and soft, so you’re ready for anything. All of our balms are certified natural cosmetics by Natrue ( and all product testing is animal free.


benecos is a certified natural cosmetics brand with a large decorative and a somewhat smaller care assortment that convinces with high quality at a reasonable price and is fun to use.


Culinary satisfaction is of the greatest importance especially at fashion and shoe trade shows so in our sector we are in fact all rather spoilt. However, a motivated and ever friendly team, even during the hectic rush of trade shows, is not self-evident, except when it comes to Broich Premium Catering. Our mouths water at the thought of the carefully created dishes to be served at our next trade shows.

Cortec hangers

As one of the pioneers in sustainable clothes hangers, we have been promoting the use of regional bio-materials for over a decade. In close cooperation with our customers, our constant efforts are bearing visible fruit. In the last four years alone, we have been able to almost triple the share of bio-materials in our production.


Innovation: The toothbrush tabletAn anhydrous toothpaste with the background that many ingredients that are unnecessary for dental care but potentially critical for the body can be avoided. After a few experiments and a lot of research, the first product was a granulate. More out of curiosity, it developed into a tablet, which was sold for the first time in autumn 2003.


A FEMNET campaign about the impact of global fashion consumption. We need a rethink in the fashion industry, for more appreciation with the unknown seamstresses and for a more climate-friendly clothing consumption. Under the motto "Art vs. Fast Fashion", FEMNET invited 19 renowned artists to design their own T-shirts as works of art for the #eintshirtzumleben campaign. In the catering area of Neonyt Düsseldorf, a selection will be on display as a photo exhibition. We invite content creators, exhibitors and visitors to enter into dialogue with women in the global south through art and to show their solidarity. Posters are waiting for you at the FEMNET stand in the Prepeek Area of Neonyt Düsseldorf! If you also think that garment workers deserve more appreciation, then take part in our Call to Action.


FRAGRANCE IS NOT A NECESSITY. BUT FOR US IT IS NECESSARY THAT SCENT IS SUSTAINABLE.Frau Tonis shows fragrances for what they are: Memories of our humanity, in all its contradictions and complexity. For Ms Tonis perfume, the only thing that matters is how a perfume is worn. Preferably self-confidently. The store with perfume studio is located in Berlin, near Checkpoint Charlie. 


The Green Knowledge Magazine is a project of the EPP Professional Publishing Group GmbH. The magazine encourages dialogue and provides differentiated aspects from various perspectives. It wants to inform and talk about this - without blah blah. For everyone who loves fashion. Green Knowledge Magazine for Fashion Lovers


GREENSTYLE is a communication platform that unites over 170 sustainable brands. The communication platform was founded in 2018 by Mirjam Smend to give sustainable fashion more visibility and to inspire consumers for innovative ideas and alternative consumption. GREENSTYLE sees itself as a 360-degree concept and functions as an accelerator for sustainable and forward-looking fashion. With the XL network, D2C events and (digital) conferences in Munich, Bolzano, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, the website, which has been developed into the home of sustainable fashion, with the GREENSTYLE agency and the fashion change magazine PUREVIU.

GURU Granola

A creation that lets all senses feel: Life is a WONDER. It is a miracle because you are! Invigorating spices from near and far come together in a unique blend. A happy dance of the healthiest and most finely selected ingredients leads to perfection of form: Nuts, seeds and fruits begin to dance. Physalis and coconut flakes, nettles and buckwheat sing a true love song. Quinoa and amaranth puff up with vitality. Calendula, rose and daisies sing a song of joy. In the background, softly and gently, a delicate melody of agave syrup hums over. The movements become faster and faster and cosier. It is getting warm. It is getting hot. GURU Granola- finally here! Yay


A chance meeting in an elevator brought us the ideal partner for our digital appearance – HiMedia. We are always delighted how quickly and technically perfect our digital solution requirements are implemented. This makes for fun, appealing websites offering our customers high added value and benefits, not least in view of key data protection considerations.


Already before the founding of our still young company we worked successfully with those in charge here for many years. Today the partnership is so close that the Igedo has rented its premises in the same office building as HS Designwerk. Even larger and more complex stand construction demands are no problem for HS Designwerk.


Kruut represents a step back to nutrient-rich nature and the knowledge of how to use it. Made with values that are often shortchanged today: Time & Dedication. With kruut, powerful wild herbs are brought back into our modern everyday life. The recipes are based on the millennia-old knowledge of herbal medicine. For natural rituals and wild enjoyment.

Luxiders Magazine

Luxiders is the New Intelligent Luxury Magazine for conscious women and men. Based on stories about sustainable fashion, eco design, natural beauty and healthy lifestyle, this magazine fuses the best high-end, progressive, luxury brands and independent designers.

Paper Paste Living

Our philosophy Our philosophy is to create beautiful and functional products in sustainable materials. We do not compromise in our choice of materials nor when it comes to quality or sustainability. The designs come to li fe by f irst recalling a k ey visual statement ”shape of nature”; this allows us to place our products in wild surroundings and stay true to our guiding principles.Your opinion counts We are shaping products using paper to create awareness and showcase the beauty of our planet’s basic resources. To help us do this to the best of our ability, we appreciate your thoughts and feedback, as this allows us to perfect our existing pieces and develop new products with an extra touch of thoughtfulness and care.

Prosecco Doc

Prosecco DOC loves its land.

Global viticulture has faced one challenge after another in its history, due to the appearance of diseases and pests as a result of trade with other areas that were climatically and ecologically different. Over time, thanks to scientific research, mankind has faced and overcome these challenges, ensuring continuity of wine production over the centuries.Sustainability is the meeting point between today and tomorrow: it comes from the ability to maintain valuable productivity over the long term in which we weigh up energy, economic, social and ecological aspects.Since every agricultural system overlaps with a natural ecosystem, a certain environmental impact is inevitable. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a specific sensitivity to understand how to intervene to reduce the impact of the agricultural system as much as possible, maintaining and preferably increasing the quality of the final product.


A great mission always begins with the right heartbeat, a good idea and passion. SAMYJU has dedicated itself to coffee - wholeheartedly and with passion. The team of experts combines their accumulated knowledge about the "black gold". The basis is formed by the best coffee beans in the world as well as a unique know-how in the production - from the purchase to the enjoyment in the cup.Coffee Love in top form, paired with the clear promise: A SMALL PARADISE IN A CUP. Coffee as a total experience - sustainable, fair and with the highest quality standards.


"the whole of arctic nature" in one cup. Snøfnugg serie, a healthy leap ahead. The nature of the Arctic, a place with unique flora, fauna and untouched landscape, inspired our product - Arctic Matcha. Arctic Matcha contains quality nutrients from arctic herbs. Here's to your healthier future. Natural nutrients have a direct influence on our wellbeing. The body cells use the nutrients for cleansing, energy production, immune strengthening and regeneration. Prohelse manufacture is located in Misvær, Norway. For Arctic Matcha, we are used only the fine leaf tissues, air dried, coarse leaf vessels removed and ground to a fine powder. This was the starting point for developing Arctic Matcha and the Snøfnugg serie. Snøfnugg serie are “the whole of arctic nature” in one cup and enjoy protected patent status. We are convinced that more people will realize that wild herbs have a lot of potential. Not only for eating, but also for other purposes.


Surround yourself with experts and then everyone will contribute their best to the project as a whole; this is precisely the smart idea underlying our advertising and graphic design agency “TAFELmitKOLLEGEN”. Initially tried out at the small, local squash club by chairman Philipp Kronen, the cooperation has now been successfully transposed onto our demanding and fast-moving fashion industry. Apart from their graphic design know-how we attach great importance to technical expertise ensuring technical implementation of the ideas runs smoothly.


Take time for yourself and let yourself be pampered by the beneficial effects of our natural care. The fair trade soaps and lotions are free from palm oil and enriched with precious essential oils. Our shampoo bars make your hair shine with their fragrant foam. Treat yourself and your skin to a little time out in your own wellness oasis.


THE ART OF CHOCOLATE - Chocolate as a total work of art - that is the central motto at VIVANI. In this sense, the popular organic chocolate combines the best ingredients with artistic designs and the aspects of sustainability and social responsibility.


"A small cube in the jug and water tastes deliciously of fruit or herbs. With this, everyone manages to drink the recommended amount of 1.5 to 2 litres per day". The mission is to help you drink more water for a healthier, longer and more sustainable life.