Partners & Sponsors of Neonyt in Düsseldorf


A chance meeting in an elevator brought us the ideal partner for our digital appearance – Azerion. We are always delighted how quickly and technically perfect our digital solution requirements are implemented. This makes for fun, appealing websites offering our customers high added value and benefits, not least in view of key data protection considerations.

Ben & Anna

At Ben & Anna, they focus on mindfulness in order to use natural forces effectively, conserve resources sustainably and support personal lifestyles. This helps us all as well as our environment. They want more natural freshness in their products. To achieve this, they only use selected ingredients. They are characterized by respect for nature. That's why their products are natural and vegan.

Bilker Bunker

Air-raid shelter no. 25 - the Bilker high bunker on the corner of Aachener Straße and Karolinger Straße was built in 1942 under the planning of architect Carl Krieger. Hardly any location could be more suitable as a new home base for Neonyt Düsseldorf – after all, what could be more sustainable than converting existing buildings and giving them a new purpose? Right in the heart of Düsseldorf's trendy district Bilk, behind the walls of the ›Bilker Bunker‹, an innovative space for art, culture and lifestyle is opening. With its backdrop, the bunker also provides the perfect ambience to successfully showcase fashion, shoes, accessories and lifestyle products.

Cortec hangers

As one of the pioneers in sustainable clothes hangers, we have been promoting the use of regional bio-materials for over a decade. In close cooperation with our customers, our constant efforts are bearing visible fruit. In the last four years alone, we have been able to almost triple the share of bio-materials in our production.


Are you looking for sustainable clothing, cosmetics and lifestyle products but don't know where to start? Thanks to COSH! you can now easily discover local and sustainable stores and brands in your city and get inspired. COSH! has teamed up with sustainable fashion experts to make it fun and easy for you to find what you're looking for locally. This way you can support the retail community in your city.


We all like to leave our mark, preferably permanently. Whether our footprint will make our world a better place remains to be seen. But if not, let's at least give our dystopia a little grace and adornment: DAINTY DYSTOPIA.

Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH

Welcome to Düsseldorf! Visit Düsseldorf brings visitors closer to the city. Whether city trip, shopping tour or museum stroll - the metropolis on the Rhine invites you to discover, experience and enjoy. Let us inspire you: Explore the sights around the Old Town, Königsallee and MedienHafen with our tour guides on city tours and trips - on foot, by bus, boat or bike.


With the question "Who made my clothes?", the global Fashion Revolution campaign is calling for a debate on the origin of our clothing. The aim is to raise fashion consumers' awareness of transparent production chains and fair working conditions and to sensitize conventional fashion brands to a fair and resource-conserving production process.


FASHION TODAY is the only German-language online trade magazine in the B2B market that is dedicated exclusively to menswear. FASHION TODAY is a digital format that is in no way inferior to a print magazine in terms of content and appearance, but breaks new ground and offers a different, special benefit through additional tools. The editorial team deliberately avoids daily news in order to free their minds for well-researched magazine journalism.


GREENSTYLE is a communication platform that unites over 170 sustainable brands. The communication platform was founded in 2018 by Mirjam Smend to give sustainable fashion more visibility and to inspire consumers for innovative ideas and alternative consumption. GREENSTYLE sees itself as a 360-degree concept and functions as an accelerator for sustainable and forward-looking fashion. With the XL network, D2C events and (digital) conferences in Munich, Bolzano, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, the website, which has been developed into the home of sustainable fashion, with the GREENSTYLE agency and the fashion change magazine PUREVIU.


Already before the founding of our still young company we worked successfully with those in charge here for many years. Today the partnership is so close that the Igedo has rented its premises in the same office building as HS Designwerk. Even larger and more complex stand construction demands are no problem for HS Designwerk.

i + m – fair, organic, vegan

FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN BRAVE - i+m focuses on fairness and sustainability. They are committed and courageous in many areas, including animal welfare, women's rights and the economy for the common good. They have been producing certified natural cosmetics made in Germany since 1978 and always put their values before profit - for cosmetics without compromise.

Luxiders Magazine

Luxiders is the New Intelligent Luxury Magazine for conscious women and men. Based on stories about sustainable fashion, eco design, natural beauty and healthy lifestyle, this magazine fuses the best high-end, progressive, luxury brands and independent designers.

Prym Hapiness is handmade

Prym 1530 is the right choice if you care about the environment. The eco-friendly Prym 1530 range uses no plastic packaging, uses renewable raw materials and delivers the same excellent quality you have come to expect from Prym products. The important thing is not to be perfect from the start, but to strive for improvement.

Repair Rebels

The idea for Repair Rebels came from our love of fashion and the belief that our garments deserve more appreciation. Clothing can be more than a piece of fabric, because a piece of clothing can be associated with numerous memories and feelings. The true value of our clothing is not decided in store - we give it personal value by loving it and wearing it and having our experiences and adventures in it. Small flaws make them even more special and reflect our uniqueness.

Ruby Carl Workspaces

Whether you're looking for a workspace for a day, a stylish meeting place for a client meeting or suitable premises for a project group, you'll definitely find what you're looking for at Ruby Carl Workspace in Düsseldorf. Thanks to its central location - between Carlsplatz and Königsallee - the workspace is ideal for meeting clients, exchanging ideas with colleagues or simply experiencing a change of scenery. 


The easy way to clean your sneakers - clean them instead of buying new ones. With SneakerWash, you can easily clean your sneakers in the washing machine.


Surround yourself with experts and then everyone will contribute their best to the project as a whole; this is precisely the smart idea underlying our advertising and graphic design agency “TAFELmitKOLLEGEN”. Initially tried out at the small, local squash club by chairman Philipp Kronen, the cooperation has now been successfully transposed onto our demanding and fast-moving fashion industry. Apart from their graphic design know-how we attach great importance to technical expertise ensuring technical implementation of the ideas runs smoothly.

T’CHAIA – good energy

T'CHAIA [tscha:ja] stands for consuming "good energy". T'CHAIA is a real tea, all ingredients are carefully selected and used by the bottler BioKontor Elm and are organically grown. Most drinks that you can buy in the supermarket or at the gas station are based on the quality content in the drinks is actually extremely questionable. Not with T'CHAIA! ✽ T'CHAIA ✽ Genuine Real tea with real lemon juice and natural caffeine from the coffee bean - and not water with flavorings like most other drinks!Translated with (free version)


TextilWirtschaft offers in-depth business journalism for everyone who earns their money with fashion. It is the only trade magazine for this industry that is published weekly. Daily newsletters put events in context, provide market data and offer inspiration on upcoming fashion trends. The fashion community listens to TW's podcast, follows it online and on social networks, meets up at its congresses and events and uses its network to find new professional challenges.Translated with (free version)


Up-fuse is a fully-fledged Cairo-based cult brand and social enterprise created in celebration of You and this beautiful planet — Earth.In 2013 Up-fuse started with Yara and Rania’s passion for material exploration and a need to reuse the disposed plastic and other waste in Egypt. The duo realized the capacity to go beyond making an environmental impact and the idea of designing and producing a local product that revolutionizes the Egyptian handcrafts became very appealing.