Elemente Clemente for Jane Goodall – A Visit, a Dialogue, a Cooperation

[ Juli 15, 2019 ]

Elemente Clemente for Jane Goodall – A Visit, a Dialogue, a Cooperation  

Jane Goodall and chimpanzees ?! Of course that´s quite a “match” since we learned about at school. Jane Goodall and fashion?! A somehow surprising combination.

The “Queen of Conservation” is charismatic, she has style – her hairstyle, the famous ponytail since decades – is part of her “brand” and the logo of her Jane Goodall Institutes in about 36 countries. But nobody would call her fashion-conscious or even a fashion-victim, last of all Jane Goodall herself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Fashion doesn´t mean much to her, Jane admitted frankly and with a decent smile, right at the beginning of our get together and visit at the Munich Elemente Clemente store at Pariser Platz 1. What a start of an exciting and profound but also humorous dialogue about sustainable fashion- or rather “clothing”, the expression that Jane prefers, and so do we.

She has been curious and quite open-minded to learn more about our work, the latest summer-collection and the different types of fabrics and concrete solutions we develop to meet all kinds of challenges in order to minimize negative impact onto the environment: There is laserprint (without any chemicals) on vegetal-dyed Irish linen or the Limited Edition of Triple Eco Charity shirts, dedicated to her amazing life´s work and achievements and her most famous chimps on it. A blouse made of Econyl®, a relatively young regenerated fiber with a portion of recycled fishernets seems to find particular interest. “That´s terrific“, she says quietly and we suspect that images of a sea of plastic and suffering animals arise before her inner eyes.

That´s here from where we discover common ground and the urgent need of joint action! A determined change of the still dominating  „Fast Fashion“ towards ways of a much more sustainable, ecological and social “Slow Fashion” is very, very important to her, Jane emphasizes.  Of course she knows best about the numerous problems, caused by Fast Fashion around the globe for people, animals and nature.

„For us that means clear commitment, inspiration and motivation, to further follow our path consequently that we have already taken years ago“, as Clemens Dörr, founder, designer and CEO of Elemente Clemente is summing up the succesful start of a special cooperation: „To develop and offer timeless clothing with style, sense and responsibility.  At the same time we want to enable the increasingly attentive clientele to search and find real alternatives on the market and by the way be able to support the important work and worldwide projects of this wonderful woman, role model and icon and her Jane Goodall Institutes”.


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*30% of the revenue of the Jane Goodall Charity T-Shirt Collection and of the Elemente-Clemente collection in Germany  go to the world wide conservation -, climate-, and youth projects of the Jane Goodall Institute.