Prepeek is our three-day networking event at Neonyt in Düsseldorf from 28 to 30 January 2023 – exclusively for our (social) media minded community:
Content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, journalists and multipliers.

Here you can get to know new things, find inspiration and feel impulses.

Here you will meet other media professionals and have the surrounding for networking and exchange.

Here you can discover fresh sustainable labels and try out different styles.

Our professionals will take care of your individual styling and hair & make-up.

Here you can have a free, professional photo shoot for your content.


Prepeek is for you – on two floors.


Prepeek is ready for you.



Your way to perfect prepeek content.


In order for us to be able to schedule enough time for your photo shooting, you have to book an appropriate slot in advance. Please also accredit yourself above in advance to get direct access to the fair.


In the boutique, you’ll discover the latest collections from sustainable labels and can mix and match to your heart’s content.


For styling, make-up and shooting, our professionals are at your side so that perfect content can be shared immediately.


For your free, professional photo shoot you have the choice between different sceneries.

Prepeek keeps you up to date.

Newsletter, please.


Your experience programme with the community

The Experience Floor makes it possible to experience the Neonyt community live in an exclusive, but relaxed and informal atmosphere: meet-ups provide the framework for networking, workstations motivate people to become active themselves, and various talk formats with well-known hosts sensitise people to relevant topics.

We will publish the complete programme in January, until then a first sneak preview:

Saturday, 28 January 2023 – 1.00 p.m.

Best Practise: Shared aiming

How can content creators work with companies in an authentic
and targeted with companies?
Nicola Henseler, Co-Founder Fairnica . @fairnica
Bina Noehr, Content Creator . @binanoehr
Sandra Lai-Chun, Content Creator . @syringalotus
Nicola Henseler, Co-Founder Fairnica . @fairnica
Bina Noehr, Content Creator . @binanoehr
Sandra Lai-Chun, Content Creator . @syringalotus

Sunday, 29 January 2023 – 2.00 p.m.


A journalistic guide to transparent communication
and source verification
Cynthia Blasberg, Chefredakteurin Green Knowledge Magazine . @greenknowledge_mag
Jens Wittwer, Co-Founder Luxiders Magazine . @luxiders_magazine 
Mirjam Smend, CEO & Founder GREENSTYLE munich . @greenstyle_muc

Prepeek is waiting for you.

28 – 30 January 2023
Areal Böhler


Prepeek is looking forward to seeing you!

Would you like to have been there when something big started?
At the first Prepeek in Düsseldorf?
How does it work? Exactly like this:


You accredit yourself with the press accreditation form. After we have checked your details, you will receive a reply by e-mail.


If the check was successful, we will send you your eTicket to Neonyt in Düsseldorf for the days you specified.


You have to book a slot in advance for your free, professional photo shoot. The corresponding tool is online.


You plan your trip, pack your suitcase and get on your way to us in Düsseldorf. We are looking forward to it and will be waiting for you with a little surprise.